Current Works

cropped-key-west-landing-print1.jpeg“Approach,” a 9.6′ by 6 foot oil on Italian linen painting by Tina Cantelmi, will be featured at the Clio Art Fair, New York, New York, October 11 through 14, at the Chelsea Armory building.

My intent is to transcend the moment one is landing by air, or soaring, as if one is a bird, over the clear, warm waters of the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, or exotic lands and water.  A tranquil palette evokes respite as watery currents, landforms, and possibly a sea creature or two may be viewed. Inquiries may be directed to



“Fortitude,” a watercolor on Italian paper measures 22″ by 28″ inches.



“Mojave Aerial,” Oil on canvas, measures 36 x 30 x 4 inches deep.